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Sunday, August 07, 2005

The Secret Meaning to Life

Who doesn't want some good Karma on their side? Sure, you've seen all those celebs with their adorable Buddha necklaces, but all you can afford is that red kabbalah string (and even that's $20!). Well, Grasshopper, let me introduce you to Satya Jewelry (
I was first introduced to Satya while on a spiritual journey (OK, it was really walking to Magnolia Bakery to get a cupcake) in Greenwich Village. Their "yoga inspired jewelry" was to die for- and at very zen prices.
Check out their Ganesha Necklaces (the wonderful Hindu god who is the remover of all obstacles) or perhaps the Om is more your style...all are offered in silver, gold vermeil or a mix of gemstones and at their prices, you can afford to become spiritual and layer multiple strands. My favorite? The gold vermeil sun and moon necklace.
May you live well & be happy (in fashion).


At 8:44 AM, Blogger Lion said...

Stephanie -- I love the Magnolia Bakery. I was taken there once at a very special time. I'll be on the lookout when in the neighborhood again. Great blog! Lion


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