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Wednesday, August 10, 2005

Straight from the horse's mouth...

Last night, my friend and I lamented the state of our fall purse search. While I had seen several selections that had appeal, my hopes were dashed when the salesperson would say "and it's only $1100." And even upstarts like Botkier are in the $600 range. Believe me sister, I have been known to spend on a bag and I do appreciate that luxury costs more (although I am sick of the logos), but somehow this seems crazy. Fortified by red wine, my friend and I made a vow not to buy into this overpriced market. So, this morning I began my search for a better and kinder bag maker...and the winner is Casa de Polo (

Casa de Polo is a Costa Rican gem that has its roots in manufacturing equestrian goods such as saddles. The leather is beautiful and the craftsmanship apparent. All come in at under $150 and at these prices you can afford to pick up more than one and change bags often. All the bags come with a logo or non-logo option as well as the ability to have you initials put on the bag.

What will I be ordering for fall? The hip and practical Catalina, the oversized city-slicker Fran, the demure Beverly, sporty Olivia and classic Kelly...and all of these- for under $1100!


At 9:29 AM, Anonymous Ang said...

Hellooo, I am loving this site. What a great find. Thanks :)

At 5:23 PM, Blogger Lion said...

Dear Stephanie -- I so like a nice bag for my girlfriend, that looks good but also is functional for her, having spaces for her cell phone, blackberry, etc. (she is a business powerhouse) and also plenty of room for magazines like "Us" (which she calls the World News). Keep up the good tips! Lion


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